Fair Use Policy

Here at paperwriter4me.com, we strive to help you become a more scholarly and erudite individual by providing you with structured and well-researched academic insight. By following this Fair Use Policy, you will find yourself in a more advantageous position when it comes to your academic achievements.

Use the Materials received from us to build a better understanding of the field, develop proper expertise in your chosen area, and become an overall more knowledgeable individual.

No Plagiarism Encouragement

At paperwriter4me.com, there is no place for plagiarism. We do not tolerate usage of someone else’s work or ideas in our Materials unless explicitly required. Our goal is to ensure the exposure of knowledge and expertise that you may not be able to obtain for various reasons. Please be aware that the structured information presented to you in the form of an academic paper should solely be used for research and reference purposes. We strongly encourage you to opt-out of any kind of academic wrongdoing. Our mission is to present the framework of the chosen matter to you in an understandable and consistent way, so you are able to produce your own work using it as guidance. If you decide to submit the Materials received from us, you will only harm yourself by depriving yourself of the knowledge and expertise you would otherwise acquire if you were to use it properly.

The Fair Use of the Content

Materials delivered to you are to serve these purposes:

  • Provide a general idea and the scope of the topic;
  • Define and formulate the requirements of a specific task by providing a sample handcrafted in accordance with those requirements;
  • Present you with guidance on how to tackle your task;
  • Serve as a foundation for your own research and academic examination;
  • Gear you up with a pertinent conceptual framework required to deal with your chosen topic;
  • Strengthen your grasp of the subject by providing you with a relevant logical structure of the issue that you will be able to utilize while producing your own piece.
  • Provide you with reliable resources to be used for further research on the topic.

Fair use of these Materials implies:

  • To get a better understanding of the matter, you are dealing with;
  • To obtain expert insight into the general notion of the subject;
  • To ensure that you have a proper grasp of the topic and that you exhausted the set of necessary/required aspects relevant to the issue;
  • To understand the pillars of the topic scope so that you may base your own work on them;
  • To facilitate you outline your own ideas and inferences to be put into your assignment;
  • To subject them to critical examination, to put up an opposing opinion;

By using Materials purchased, you concede that you will not submit them under your name to your academic institution, nor will you claim ownership over them.

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It will be a delight to receive your feedback. At any time, you may request a call from us, and we will help you make sure you are doing the right thing with the Materials received. Our gentle and caring support staff is eager and willing to tackle any cases of improper use of the Materials. Do not hesitate and contact us right away and let us know if you become aware of any breach of this Fair Use Policy or have any doubts on the matter via [email protected]